Aaaron Dodson, Chris Sanders, Sativa Brothers
Aaron Dodson asked the locals in California who was the best at healing people with marijuana.  This led him to discover a man on the beach they called The Colonel at Hinano.  In 1996, Chris and a group of friends convened at a place on Melrose known as The Galaxy Gallery (1996 - 2012), this place helped legalize the medical marijuana movement for the United States. 
From here the Anti Cancer Clinic and Compassionate Patient Resources (formed in 2007 Pre ICO #30) - CPR reviews LA Weekly
 were created and are both still in operation.  These discoveries and genetics are now available for the medical patients of Oklahoma through The Sativa Brothers who are Aaron Dodson and Colonel Chris Sanders.

#1 - Inspecting the CBD Biomass

Soaking the Biomass in 200 proof Ethanol

#3 Updates on CBD by the Colonel.

Creating the Product in a 50 Liter Roto Vap.

Patient Testimonials

The Drug Lawyer

Growing Hemp In Oklhoma for CBD has begun March 18, 2019!


In compliance with the
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

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